The Handyman

The Handyman


Ok, so my husband and I recently bought a house in the area where we went to college and met. I have always wanted to live here in the beautiful mountains of Appalachia. This place has gorgeous scenery and southern charm.

Our house was just what we needed, a cute little home on top of a hill and a beautiful view of the mountains around us. But no one ever told me how fucking difficult the process of buying a home was, not even my parents. I mean I felt like I handled the stress pretty well but combined that stress with the inevitability of also looking for a new job in the area too. It was just a recipe for disaster, luckily my husband works from home, so as long as there is internet access he is good to go. I on the other hand had to look for a new job as well as a new home and that just was a pent up ball of frustration that even my husband’s dick couldn’t calm me down. Trust me he tried. Now I  am used to having different and new partners to fuck on a pretty consistent basis but since was a little preoccupied with finding a house and job there was no time to find guys to fuck the stress out of me.


Now we moved into our house in March 2021 and since then I have been on the lookout for new partners. Let me tell you how hard it has been to find a man that isn’t disrespectful or pushy about being a bull for my husband and I. Men just don’t seem to know how to approach respectfully and it has been a constant let down. But I was on my Tinder profile when this picture of the mountains popped up, no profile pic just a short bio description of the person and how he was in an open marriage type situation as well. swiped right and i recall him messaging me about how hot my Twitter profile was and then chatting went to us swapping our Snapchat names.


We continued chatting via Snapchat and he sent me pics of his face and I must say he immediately became more attractive to me when found out he had a beard. He said that he works as a handyman and has always had a fantasy of messing around with the wife of the places he goes to to fix whatever he has to fix, and let me tell you this man works out and has a pretty damn hot physique. Like toned abs and an attractive face, his wife is a lucky lady. But here is the rub, the reason he was on Tinder is because his wife does not have the sex drive to match him. The handyman has this amazing body because he uses exercise as a way to curb some of these sexual desires. Now let me tell you when I heard that he had a high sex drive the little devil inside me was like of he wished he had never said that to me. I was ready to make his dick sore for days…


But during the time we were chatting, the handyman said that work had gotten busy for him and he didn’t want to make any promises he couldn’t keep, which was understandable. No harm, no foul because up to this point we had not met in person so I just decided to take him off my little roster (I also deleted him from my Snapchat). Though at this point my microwave decided to take its final breath like a week later. 


So my little devil ass was like “hey let’s see if that guy from Tinder can install an over the range microwave?” And maybe could flirt a bit while he was installing the thing. So go through my matches on Tinder, find his profile and shoot him a quick message to see if he even could do the job. Well added him back on Snapchat and we started flirting again and I just couldn’t get his face and cock out of my mind. At this point our schedules weren’t matching up and we were having difficulty planning any meet ups but still wanted my microwave installed. So the one day I had off, I decided to drink on my porch and I was snapping him cute pics and all of the sudden he says he has time to check out my microwave situation and immediately jump at the chance because living without a microwave is tough. Haha. 


At this point I’m definitely feeling my buzz but also a little nervous and excited to finally meet him in person. quickly tell my husband that this handyman from Tinder is coming over and to not be weird or anything, that he is just going to see what is up with the microwave and nothing else! Haha I honestly thought I wouldn’t do anything sexual with him. Husband said “ok, I’ll just be in the garage working on some wood projects then.”


I pop in the bathroom for a quick pee break before because I have been drinking and as soon as I finish washing my hands I hear the knock at the door. I quickly open the door and get a good look at this handsome handyman. He is tall, a little on the slim side, but still ruggedly attractive. I point out the spot where I want my appliance installed and he takes a look and all the while all I can think about is how I want to kiss his mouth. Those lips looked like they could kiss every inch of my body and I would beg for more..I think he might have seen the way I was looking at him because he would steal a glance at me every once in a while. I was standing right next to him trying to explain what kinda microwave I wanted and that I wanted it vented to the outside but I didn’t know if there was an outlet to power the thing. But in the end he said he couldn’t be able to do the job, so we just chatted briefly about this and that while basically cornered him near the sink and he definitely noticed. And all my animals watched and petted him too!


The next thing he stood up from petting my dog and I just kinda lunged at him because I couldn’t stand being that close to him and not making out with his delicious mouth. As soon as my lips touched his, it felt like my body was on fire for this man. I wanted his hands all over me, I was moaning and he guided me to the counter where he laid my upper body on it. Then he proceeded to lift my sweatshirt up so he could have free access to my breasts. Thank God I chose not to wear a bra. It was pure bliss having him lick and suckle at each of my breasts. I managed to get my athletic shorts off and he was rubbing my pussy and clit and I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. At this point, my husband decided to make his appearance because he thought the handyman stood me up but what he walked into was his wife hurriedly pulling up her shorts and the handyman making his way to the bathroom. Haha i was a tab embarrassed but sad all my fun was interrupted. So I quickly got my husband back to the garage and I pulled myself together to get ready to apologize to this man. But as soon as he came out of the bathroom, he had this determined look in his eyes that silenced my apology right on my lips. He grabbed my hand and guided me to the living room where he sat on the recliner and I obediently fell to my knees and took off my sweatshirt. proceeded to kiss my way down his body, while taking off his shorts. He had the most delicious looking cock and I immediately started going to town on it, licking and slurping. He made me stop a few times so he wouldn’t cum and then he asked me to lick his ass and I immediately obliged. 


I could tell he was enjoying himself, but at that moment my husband popped up again and was caught red handed with a throbbing cock in my hands. Hubby just wanted to close the curtains in the dining room since our neighbors live close and could get a full show if they felt so inclined. Hubby asked if we needed any condoms and the handyman said he didn’t think we would get that far. Then the handyman then makes me switch positions and he starts giving me the most soft and sensual oral i have ever experienced. kept wanting him to just put his cock in me and fuck me stupid but i tried to control myself. It didn’t work too much because in my hot and bothered state managed to rip the sleeve off of his shirt. And then he proceeded to finger fuck me and i squirted all over his fingers. then went on my knees and put his beautiful cock in my mouth and made him cum. swallowed every last drop. 


What great customer service skills that man has! Unfortunately he told his wife and she got really uncomfortable and now she won’t let him play anymore. It sucks because my pussy is just begging to be fucked by this man. I even deleted his Snapchat again to keep from being tempted to reach out because he did get a bit tipsy a few days after that incident and asked if he could come over without his wife knowing. It took all my morals to say no to that man.I still remember his Snapchat name and idk if i should add him again.