Christmas Gift Ideas For Penis Owners

With Christmas coming up, I know you may be looking for some sexy gift ideas, so I figured I’d put together a list of sex toys for penis owners to help guide you in your decision making. However, there is a plethora for you to choose from at Tabu Toy’s website, for more than just penis owners.


For penis owners, finding a sex toy is seemingly a lot easier that for non penis owners. Mainly we have a few categories: Prostate Massager and Pocket Pussies. However, the market is slowly growing by adding new versions and variations of these sex toys. Adding vibrators to the toys, cloning pussies from porn stars to your partner’s, to even making adjustable sleeves. Tabu Toys was kind enough to send these over, and I have to say, I’m glad they did. Below you’ll read my reasons for enjoying these toys. 


Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager

Fun Factory Duke Prostate MassagerWhen I first received this prostate massager, I was a little bit nervous because historically, I don’t like vibrating massagers or anything. They make me feel like my head is being shaken too fast. Probably, because I’m too far in my own head due to too many concussions. Regardless, I was uneasy about it up until I used it for the first time. 


The vibrations were just right. Not too little and not too much. It was perfect. Within no time of lubing it up and inserting it, finding a video, I was cumming hard. Honestly, it’s my favourite toy for my backdoor. 


Unfortunately, most penis owners aren’t open to the idea of backdoor play, but you’re missing out. Sure it requires a mess of lube, but what sex toy doesn’t? It’s easy to clean, easy to use, easy to charge, and it helps produce amazing orgasms. It’s pretty close to the perfect sex toy for my backdoor.  I think the only thing that I would change would be to add a bit of girth to it. But I typically like girthier sex toys.



  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick to orgasm
  • Can be used either way
  • Easy to handle


  • I wouldn’t mind it to be a bit thicker

Check out the Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager by clicking here:

Fun Factory Prostate Massager


Tenga Aero Dial-Operated Suction Control Masturbator


Tenga Aero Dial-Operated Suction Control MasturbatorI first saw this toy on Tabu Toy’s Twitter and I immediately knew I needed one. I’ve had similar toys in pocket pussies, but this was a new one. A very new concept to me at least. 


You see this is not only suction based, but you can increase or decrease the suction to make it tighter or looser depending on your desires. Yes, it’s possible to make it too tight, but in that case, it’s easy to decrease the suction. 


As far as the feel of this toy, it’s very unique and has a really cool sleeve on the inside to make it very realistic. It’s also designed with the penis in mind, so there are different and cool patterns on the inside of the sleeve. 


The Aero Dial Operated Suction Control Masturbator is super easy to clean. You simply wash it out and then set it to dry on it’s stand before reinserting into the tube before you start to pleasure yourself again. 



  • Controllable suction
  • Easy to clean
  • Amazing feel


  • If you have a penis length that is really above average, this toy may be too small for you

Check out the Tenga Aero Dial-Operated Suction Control Masturbator by clicking here:

Tenga Aero Dial-Operated Suction Control Masturbator


Sinclaire Institute Onyx Glass Prostate Wand

Sinclaire Institute Onyx Glass Prostate WandThis was my very first prostate massager, so it set the bar pretty high. I’ve had dildos and plugs before, but never a prostate specific toy. It’s glass so it may need a bit more lube than other toys, but it’s ribbed for extra pleasure; and damn, it works great! 


My favourite way to use this toy is with my wife controlling it by pulling it in and out of my backdoor while she also performs oral sex on me. That leads to body numbing orgasms. Unfortunately, my wife isn’t in the house most of the time that I use the Onyx Glass Prostate Wand, but even without her present, I’m still able to cum hard, just not body numbing orgasms. 12/10 would definitely recommend this toy!



  • Glass
  • Ribbed
  • Great with oral sex
  • Easy to clean


  • May need a bit more lube than other sex toys

Check out the Sinclaire Institute Onyx Glass Prostate Wand by clicking here:

Sinclaire Institute Onyx Glass Prostate Wand


Those are my recommendations, but you don’t have to buy those toys if you don’t want to. Check out Tabu Toy’s website and see what they have to offer!